David Rousset

David  Rousset

David Rousset

About David

David Rousset is a Senior Program Manager leading the PWABuilder OSS project. This project helps people to transform an existing web app to a complete PWA (Progressive Web App) ready to be published to the various App Stores. He’s also the co-author of Babylon.js, a WebGL 3D engine used by several Microsoft applications in Office as well as various external partners such as Adobe. As a former evangelist, he’s used to public in various conferences, mainly about web development but also about quantum computing as he's passionate about it. He’s based in Paris, France which will explain is weird but lovely accent.

Introduction to Quantum Computing

Some problems are currently unsolvable with conventional computers. Moreover, we have almost reached the limit of transistor miniaturization. However, on a small scale, we are undergoing new laws, those of quantum mechanics. How can we take advantage of these phenomena to make computation? What is a QuBit and how does a quantum algorithm work? What types of problems are well adapted to quantum? This introduction should be accessible to everyone.


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