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François  Bouteruche

François Bouteruche

About François

I'm currently Specialist Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. I am a core contributor of the AWS Bootstrap Kit. The AWS Bootstrap Kit is an open source CDK construct owned by our team. It helps you to manage your AWS accounts as code

I have a PhD in Computer Science. I worked several years around handwriting recognition and pen-based interfaces so I'm very familiar with all the real stuff behind the buzz words AI and Machine Learning :) I led the R&D team at Evodia, the ancestor of Script and Go After the fall of Evodia during the 2008-2010 financial crisis, I joined Orange Applications for Business, a subsidiary of Orange, where I focused on Application Lifecycle Management, Agile methodologies and then DevOps practices. I worked at the technical board of the company reporting to the CTO, Philippe Ensarguet. After 5 years, I joined Younited Credit at the beginning of its scaling stage to help them moving to a public cloud provider (Azure) and setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery best practices.

Then, I worked 3 year at Microsoft France help .NET Developers from customers, ISV and meetup communities to take the best advantages of Microsoft Developer Tools.

I've joined Amazon Web Services in 2019 to help Developers using AWS Cloud to build, test and deploy efficiently and securely on AWS Cloud.

I regularly talk at conferences such as Tech Days, EclipseCon France, API Days, Paris Open Source Summit, Cloud Expo Europe, Breizhcamp, DevFest Nantes, DevFest Strasbourg, Codeurs en Seine...

AWS Account Management as Code

Managing infrastructure as code is a key practice of DevOps. On AWS, you can use our own tools and services CloudFormation or CDK to achieve it. You can also use 3rd party tools like the well-know popular Terraform. They allow you to define your AWS resources in a declarative way and manage the files in source control like you would do with your application source code. However, there is a missing part here. Building a multi-account strategy to deploy the various stages of your infrastructure and applications is a recommended best practices. Then, your AWS accounts become a part of your infrastructure. So, how do you manage your AWS Account as code ? The AWS Bootstrap Kit, an open source CDK construct released by our team on GitHub, allows you to define your AWS multi-account strategy as code. In this session, as a core contributor of this open source project, I will explain you our goals, what we’ve developed, how it works and how you can contribute to the project.


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