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Florian  Chazal

Florian Chazal

About Florian

After some great experiences in Thales, Zendesk and Amazon Alexa as dev and ops engineer here I am, at AWS helping customer achieve their business needs with the full power of Cloud technologies !

AWS Account Management as Code

Managing infrastructure as code is a key practice of DevOps. On AWS, you can use our own tools and services CloudFormation or CDK to achieve it. You can also use 3rd party tools like the well-know popular Terraform. They allow you to define your AWS resources in a declarative way and manage the files in source control like you would do with your application source code. However, there is a missing part here. Building a multi-account strategy to deploy the various stages of your infrastructure and applications is a recommended best practices. Then, your AWS accounts become a part of your infrastructure. So, how do you manage your AWS Account as code ? The AWS Bootstrap Kit, an open source CDK construct released by our team on GitHub, allows you to define your AWS multi-account strategy as code. In this session, as a core contributor of this open source project, I will explain you our goals, what we’ve developed, how it works and how you can contribute to the project.


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